You need to get your message across – whether it’s to sell, inform, inspire or entertain. You need to express yourself in a way that encourages connection, engagement and collaboration. I can help you unlock your presentation potential.


As a presentation coach and trainer I will guide and challenge you through a tailored and practical approach. I will help build your confidence and get you up in front of people. I

will give you the tools and techniques you need to get your message across clearly and convincingly.

Services include:

One-on-one training – for regular sessions to gradually build up your skills

Spotlight training – if you have an important presentation or interview coming up

Workshops on a variety of subjects

Group training – for regular sessions in a supportive group

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager, job seeker or presenter in a conference, I build on your existing skills and unlock your potential.

I am here to help you to develop your confidence and your communication skills so that you are better able to deliver your message in a more effective and authentic way. Let’s speak with confidence!

If you can’t wait to get started check out a few of our many resources here. There are videos, blogs and worksheets to help you on your journey.


I got the opportunity to be coached by Helen for a speech I was invited to give to a broad scientific audience of roughly 300-400 people. Helen’s coaching approach is comprehensive and covers many aspects including content (preparation, outline, design and graphics), speech technique (4Ps), stage presence and body preparation. Moreover, Helen is a nice person making you feel comfortable during the coaching session while providing insightful feedback and suggestions.

I definitely learned a lot and would highly recommend Helen to anyone (more specifically scientists like myself) looking to improve their presentation skills or seasoned presenters to further sharpen their skills.

Armand, Investigator/Scientist, San Francisco Bay Area

Helen helped me with preparing for a three minutes turbo talk in front of a large audience at the 20th anniversary of Medicine for Malaria Venture (MMV). Working with Helen gave me the confidence to deliver my message with passion and persuasion.

Being a scientist, I usually focus on scientific facts with little attention to getting the message across effectively. The success I had with following Helen’s hand-on tips was striking. I never had that many people congratulating me after a presentation and I am convinced they understood and will remember my message. Helen also provided me with many resources that I can use to further improve my presentation skills.

I am sure her support will have a long-lasting impact on how I approach presenting in the future.

Nina, PhD student, Switzerland