Get your message across – with confidence

You need to get your message across – whether it’s to sell, inform, inspire or entertain. You need to express yourself in a way that encourages connection, engagement and collaboration. I can help you unlock your presentation potential.

As a presentation coach and trainer I will guide and challenge you through a tailored and practical approach. I will help build your confidence and get you up in front of people. I will give you the tools and techniques you need to get your message across clearly and convincingly.

Individual Training

Developing your presentation skills is a process. You need regular practice, honest feedback, practical tips and more practice. With a package of one-on-one training you will learn how to present with confidence.

Group Training

Through regular sessions with a small group of like-minded professionals you will develop practical presentation skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

We will work through a curriculum which will build your confidence, awareness and skills in all presentation settings.

Free Resources

Get access to the blog, videos, worksheets and more will help you on the road to building on your existing skills and unlocking your potential.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, manager, job seeker or presenter in a conference, I build on your existing skills and unlock your potential.

I am here to help you to develop your confidence and your communication skills so that you are better able to deliver your message in a more effective and authentic way. Let’s speak with confidence!

If you can’t wait to get started check out a few of our many resources here. There are videos, blogs and worksheets to help you on your journey.

[The training helped me to] identify exactly how I want my audience to feel and working on the presentation and my vocal range to bring this about.

[Helen] is very personable, tactful and understands the demands in and around organizational presentations.

Mira, Assistant Principal, International School

I needed help to prepare for an internal interview.

The lessons were playful, interesting and useful. I learned so much about my voice and how it can use it better to convey my message!

Helen is an excellent and experienced coach.

The sessions gave me more confidence in myself, I felt well-prepared for the conversation and allowed me to better express myself during the interview process.

Valerie, International UN Agency