You cannot learn how to drive a car from reading about driving in a book and watching a couple of videos of good drivers.

You need to get in the car that first time, adjust the seat and the mirrors. You need to learn the pedals and the gears. You need to feel the way the car moves when you turn the wheel.

When you learn to drive a car, it’s not theoretical. It’s practical. You need to do. You need to experiment (not too much!) and gradually increase your speed and the length of the drives.

Along the way, an experienced driver provides you with tips. They suggest adjustments and set challenges for you. They guide you and provide constant feedback. They give you practical exercises, such as reverse parking. With an experienced driver at your side you are able to gradually build up your competence through practice.

The same goes for public speaking. Sure, there’s plenty of information out there already about presentation skills – books, blogs, videos. However, no matter how much theory and best practices you absorb, will this really improve your presentation skills? Will you become more confident? Will you know in which areas you need further work?

No – it’s guided practice, not theory that will make the difference. Just like when you’re learning to drive a car!

You need to have an instructor and you need to practice yourself. You need to receive constant, constructive feedback on your performance. You need to be set challenges.

If you want to increase your impact and confidence, to become a better public speaking or presenter, then let me be your guide. I will sit beside you to show you how to change gears and how to take the corner more smoothly. I will even show you how to parallel park. And you will practice and adjust and practice some more.

Whether you’re a beginner speaker or are training to be a world class presenter, I can guide you. I believe that everyone has the potential to present well. Through my training I will help you to better express yourself and present yourself in a way that encourages connection, engagement and collaboration.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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