Imagine having a step-by-step guide which would help you put your next presentation together.

How great would that be?

If you could just have all of that head-scratching and blank page staring just disappear.


Like magic you could have a well-thought out, impactful, beautifully-crafted presentation. A presentation that speaks directly to your audience. A presentation which is clear and packs a powerful punch.

I have great news for you – I’ve developed a workbook which delivers just that.

This workbook is packed full of practical exercises and professional tips that will help you frame your next presentation to a board, your team, a potential client or an industry group.

Preparing an excellent presentation takes time and effort. This workbook is designed to help frame your presentation so that you will stay on task and create a tailored, prepared and professional presentation.

The workbook is split into two sections:

Context – what you need to know about the event, the audience and the objective of your presentation.

Content – the body, opening and closing of your presentation and any documentation or visual aids.

There is space within the workbook for you to record your answers and thoughts.

You can use this workbook each time you need to present.

As a bonus, there are two more sections that give some tips on:

Practice – how to practice your presentation and what to look out for.

Performance – how to best prepare yourself on the day and on the “stage”.

Fear no more – use this workbook to craft your presentation that is sure to impress your audience and add value to the meeting or event.

Abracadabra – a brilliant presentation, every time!

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