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PowerPoint quick fix tip 💡

Words are powerful and necessary, however, they should be used thoughtfully on a PowerPoint slide.

One easy way to quickly improve your PowerPoint slides is to:

❌ Remove any full sentences.

e.g. “Don’t write full sentences on your PowerPoint slides.”

When you include full sentences, you distract your audience. They want to read what you have written but to do so they need to stop listening to you. That is NOT what you want. Sentences simply take too long to read and we can’t read and listen at the same time.


✅Change to key words or headlines.

e.g. “Keep it simple” “Avoid full sentences” “Full sentences distract – keywords engage”

Keywords and headlines quickly illustrate or reinforce what you’re saying, to help the audience’s understanding. Create billboard-like messages. Short, simple, ideally memorable.

The point of the PowerPoint slide is to aide the audience! Whatever is written or shown on the slide should compliment what you are saying. Help the audience by choosing the words that you put on your slide-deck carefully.

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