How do you feel when you see a great presentation? Great, right? You are interested and want to engage further, or follow the advice given. I’ve seen some amazing things happen when people present well. Doors are opened. New relationships are formed. The world is changed, for the better.

Unfortunately too many potentially powerful messages are being presented in unpowerful ways. Maybe you’ve seen these too – in conference centres, online and in board rooms.

Perhaps you have also witnessed an extraordinary colleague who is consistently overlooked for promotions and projects as they lacked the confidence to stand up to sell their ideas to management.

Through Present Potential I provide human, un-intimidating, practical training, for everyone. For you!

My name is Helen von Dadelszen. I’m originally from New Zealand but have lived in Switzerland for over 15 years now. I have a background in Psychology, Human Resource, NGO and Event Management. I love the theatre, am involved in Toastmasters and have a genuine interest in people.

I’m also an experienced English teacher (CELTA certified) so if you are a non-native English speaker I can help you speak and present more confidently in English too!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, job seeker, manager or conference presenter, I can help you speak with more impact. Through my training sessions you will learn how to craft and deliver your message with conviction, whether it’s to inform, convince, sell or entertain. I can help you be heard. I believe you have the potential to present well.

You do have the potential to speak with confidence.