Helen helped me create a presentation for the most important event I have ever attended in my career as a scientist! I had never presented a TED-Talk and my first impression was: “this will not be possible!” “How am I going to give a talk to 600 people who are experts on this subject?”

But Helen with her lovely professionalism led me the right way!

She gave me great advice, helped me organize my thoughts and words! She always asks the right questions and surprises you with your point of view!

From her I learned that power is in my performance, and that I can control the nervous and use it positively to give my presentation more power!

Helen, you are FANTASTIC !!!!!!!

Caroline, Parasitologist, Brazil

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy  (WCPT) is the sole international voice for physical therapy and organises a scientific congress every other year. Prior to our 2019 event involving almost 2,000 speakers and chairs from across the globe we felt it would be helpful to provide additional support for novice presenters to complement our written guidance. For this new initiative we approached Helen von Dadelszen who agreed to lead on several webinars focusing on presentation skills for speakers of different presentation formats.

Helen is very approachable and easy to work with; she is very responsive, asking the right questions to obtain the information required to understand the context and inform her presentation. Helen’s presentations were watched by more than 300 participants. Feedback suggested that the webinars were highly appreciated and the most relevant topics were addressed in the presentations.

We enjoyed working with Helen developing this new format of guidance and support for our congress speakers.

WCPT, International Conference

I hired Helen to help me prepare for a public speech about creativity at a corporate event with over 300 people in the audience. She helped me structure my talk, have a stronger conclusion, discover techniques to deal with the nerves, improve my vocal variety and give me the confidence to deliver a 15 minute speech that was unscripted, fluid and engaging.

The speech was a huge success (so i’m told) i even had the confidence to throw in some improv comments AND i had no jelly legs this time thanks to Helen’s expert help!

If you want to improv your presentation skills, public speaking or ability to communicate your message with impact for interviews or video content – Contact Helen!

Stephanie, Artist & Facilitator

[We worked on preparations for a TedX speech, using] techniques to control breathing and speak clearly [and] intonation on certain words in the speech.

[Helen provided] great tips and exercices…[she was] very reassuring and available.

Amanda, Social Entrepreneur

[My biggest take aways were] the use of a personal story in the presentation and paying more attention to organizing the presentation.

I have studied how to guides and I have done presentations before. What was useful here is that she could quickly identify the specific areas that needed work and then made it easy for me to understand it for myself.

I really appreciate the recordings. I can focus on the session and then go back and take notes later.

Bruno, Entrepreneur, Aviation Industry

[The training helped me to] identify exactly how I want my audience to feel and working on the presentation and my vocal range to bring this about.

[Helen] is very personable, tactful and understands the demands in and around organizational presentations.

Mira, Assistant Principal, International School

[Helen] works quickly to get to know what are your needs and requirements and works towards meeting them.

[The training] made me aware of things I was not thinking about before. Eg: range of voice, the way I stood, etc.
[Helen] connects well and makes you comfortable. A very supportive and empathetic person to work with, other than being a good listener.
She considers place and time that is convenient for you.

Sanju, Assistant Principal, International School

I needed help to prepare for an internal interview.

The lessons were playful, interesting and useful. I learned so much about my voice and how it can use it better to convey my message!

Helen is an excellent and experienced coach.

The sessions gave me more confidence in myself, I felt well-prepared for the conversation and allowed me to better express myself during the interview process.

Valerie, International UN Agency

J’ai demandé du coaching à Helen pour la préparation de mon discours d’inauguration d’un service dans le domaine de l’enseignement spécialisé. J’avais le contenu en tête; Helen m’a aidée à peaufiner la forme, à compléter certains détails. Elle a su s’adapter à mon environnement de travail, afin que mon discours ait le plus grand impact.

Sa démarche a eu comme effet secondaire d’augmenter ma confiance pour cet événement, et de me donner du plaisir à prononcer ce discours.

Laurence, Head of Learning Support, International School

I had great pleasure working with Helen who coached me in honing my presentation skills. Helen is extremely efficient, precise and knowledgeable in her approach. She provided me with very valuable feedback on several aspects – covering the delivery of my presentation but also the presentation content and how the message is perceived by the audience. She creates a context of trust that allows you to feel at ease right away and boosts your confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach and will undoubtedly continue to work with her in the future.

Jessica, Director, Translations