I needed help to prepare for an internal interview.

The lessons were playful, interesting and useful. I learned so much about my voice and how it can use it better to convey my message!

Helen is an excellent and experienced coach.

The sessions gave me more confidence in myself, I felt well-prepared for the conversation and allowed me to better express myself during the interview process.

Valerie, International UN Agency

J’ai demandé du coaching à Helen pour la préparation de mon discours d’inauguration d’un service dans le domaine de l’enseignement spécialisé. J’avais le contenu en tête; Helen m’a aidée à peaufiner la forme, à compléter certains détails. Elle a su s’adapter à mon environnement de travail, afin que mon discours ait le plus grand impact.

Sa démarche a eu comme effet secondaire d’augmenter ma confiance pour cet événement, et de me donner du plaisir à prononcer ce discours.

Laurence, Head of Learning Support, International School

I had great pleasure working with Helen who coached me in honing my presentation skills. Helen is extremely efficient, precise and knowledgeable in her approach. She provided me with very valuable feedback on several aspects – covering the delivery of my presentation but also the presentation content and how the message is perceived by the audience. She creates a context of trust that allows you to feel at ease right away and boosts your confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach and will undoubtedly continue to work with her in the future.

Jessica, Director, Translations

Always happy to help, Helen is great at giving the most constructive feedback in a friendly way. Helen conducts lively and highly practical public speaking trainings. Anyone who is lucky enough to be trained by her develops the confidence and skills it takes to express oneself successfully, whether in front of a small or large audience. I can only recommend her!

Fanny, Operations Manager, Hospitality Industry

Helen is a great coach.
She makes sure she has a complete understanding of the situation before even beginning to evaluate the presentation which allows her to give very specific and useful information as she places herself in your audience’s mindset.
She has very good general advice but also has very easy to implement practical tips which really help improve any presentation straight away.
She notices the details and is sure to give very clear and constructive feedback which is essential for continued improvement.
In short and without hesitation: Go to Helen and work with Present Potential, you won’t regret it!


Mandy, Executive Consultant