Conference Speaker Training

Ensure your next conference programme is packed with professional presentations which have maximum impact and positively contribute to your industry.

You have a world-class programme. Participants expect to learn something, to be inspired, to be provided with high-quality opportunities for learning and exchange.  You have spent hours carefully crafting a diverse and outstanding programme.  The sessions in your programme need to do real justice to the important research or projects you are showcasing.

Unfortunately, many presentations fall short of expectations and leave participants disappointed and unwilling to attend future events. Sponsors and exhibitors are also discouraged from committing to the next event when faced with average, uninspiring sessions.

By providing your speakers with presentation training, you will be increasing the quality of your entire event and giving the experts in your field skills that will help them throughout their careers.

The conference speaker training package includes:

  • Interactive speaker group trainings for 45-90 minutes (online or in-person)
  • Interactive chair group trainings for 45-90 minutes (online or in-person)
  • Individual and personalized coaching sessions for 60-90 minutes (online or in-person)
  • Drop-in sessions for 45-90 minutes (online)
  • Slide deck review

Group Training

Through regular sessions with a small group of like-minded professionals you will develop practical presentation skills in a safe and encouraging environment.

We will work through a curriculum which will build your confidence, awareness and skills in all presentation settings.

The sessions are designed to be interactive (lots of practice!), supportive and fun.

We will cover presenting yourself, creating an elevator pitch, developing your unique style, adapting your message to the audience, how to use the space/stage, structuring a presentation, powerful openings and closings, managing nerves, body language, use of voice, and many many more.