One-on-one Training

Developing your presentation skills is a process. You need regular practice, honest feedback, practical tips and more practice. With a package of one-on-one training you will learn how to present with confidence.

The size of the package depends on your requirements. For example, we can meet once a week or every two weeks over a period of 3 months to a year.

Through a programme tailored to your needs we will work to develop your own unique style. You will learn about structuring a presentation, how to open and close a presentation, how to adapt to the audience, how to use your body and voice for emphasis, and many many more. We will also have the opportunity to fine-tune or develop any presentations that you’re working on currently.

This is particularly for non-native English speakers. It’s not an English language course but through the training you will fine-tune your English speaking skills and be able to present with more confidence, in English.

As a result of this training you will increase sales, nail that job interview, manage tricky conversations and wow your audiences with your professional, authentic presentations.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.