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Presentation crafting quick tip

How can you avoid waffling on and including information that’s not necessary for the audience? The very first thing you can do is get really clear about what you want the audience to think, feel or do at the end of your #presentation.

Write this down.

It could be to:

  • make an appointment with you
  • ask you questions
  • invest in your project
  • hire you
  • buy you a coffee
  • go to your website/social media account

What do you want that audience to THINK, FEEL or DO?

By keeping this in mind and having it clearly fixed before you start putting your presentation together, you’re more likely to:

  • ONLY include the information and examples that are relevant
  • not include any fluff or unnecessary information
  • come across as more organized, confident and professional
  • achieve that exact outcome!

You can think of this end goal as the end of a journey that you are taking your audience on. Think about where they are now (knowledge, understanding, attitudes) and how you will lead them to that end goal (what information, statistics, stories, arguments, examples do you need to include in your presentation?).

Keep the end goal and sight, keep your audience “with you” and craft a focused, engaging presentation.

If you need help putting a presentation together, this worksheet could help. It includes key questions and suggestions to help you put together a presentation that will impress your meeting, industry, boss…and get your message across!

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