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The Secret to a Winning Presentation

We all know the importance of practice to master anything in life. Whether it’s learning to play the piano, kicking a ball into the goal, or solving math equations.  The most accomplished musicians, athletes, and mathematicians have one thing in common: they practice, practice, practice. Regular, effective practice is invaluable. You can't hire someone to… Continue reading The Secret to a Winning Presentation

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Breathe life into your stories

Stories sell: that’s what we’re told all the time. However, there’s an art to telling stories. If you tell a hypothetical story and don’t bring it to life, the audience won’t lean in and engage with the narrative. If your story lacks details, or the characters are flat and lifeless, the story’s message is unlikely… Continue reading Breathe life into your stories

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Pitch to impress: A how-to guide

Whether you like it or not, in business you need to pitch. In job interviews you’ll be asked a version of “tell me about yourself” – that’s a pitch. In a corporate environment you’ll need to get the board or stakeholders to buy into your project or idea – that’s a pitch. If you’re selling… Continue reading Pitch to impress: A how-to guide

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Get Performance Ready!

Get performance ready with this simple warm-up routine.   You wouldn’t launch into an intensive work-out session at the gym without doing a gentle warm up first, would you? We all know that if we don’t warm up our body before we use it, we are likely to injure ourselves. So why don’t we do… Continue reading Get Performance Ready!

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Bring the best YOU to the interview

Congratulations - you've been invited for a job interview for your dream job! That's already a great achievement. However, the real work is only just beginning. In order to impress in the interview and be actually be offered the job you need prepare, practice and perform. Download the interview preparation worksheet (aussi disponible en français)… Continue reading Bring the best YOU to the interview

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Don’t give your power to the PowerPoint!

What’s the first thing most people do when they put a presentation together? They open PowerPoint or Keynote and start fiddling with fonts and begin copying and pasting large amounts of text from a written report. What’s the problem with these presentations? They’re boring! A presenter who recites information from text-heavy slide decks is not… Continue reading Don’t give your power to the PowerPoint!

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Colour your voice with the 4 Ps: Pitch, Pace, Power, Pause

Nobody wants to listen to a robotic, monotonous voice. It's boring, unconvincing and, frankly, difficult to listen to for any length of time. As much as 38% of our message is relayed by our voice, according to research undertaken by Dr. Albert Mehrabian, a UCLA professor and researcher. That means that how we speak has… Continue reading Colour your voice with the 4 Ps: Pitch, Pace, Power, Pause

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Abracadabra – a brilliant presentation!

Imagine having a step-by-step guide which would help you put your next presentation together. How great would that be? If you could just have all of that head-scratching and blank page staring just disappear. Poof! Like magic you could have a well-thought out, impactful, beautifully-crafted presentation. A presentation that speaks directly to your audience. A… Continue reading Abracadabra – a brilliant presentation!