Here are some resources to help you on the road to building on your existing skills and unlocking your potential.


Craft a Presentation to Impress and Add Value to the Meeting

Practical exercises and professional tips that will help you frame your next presentation to a board, your team, a potential client or an industry group.

Bring the Best You to your Job Interview

Practical exercises and professional tips which will help you to prepare for job interviews.

Confidently Move Your Meetings Online

A step-by-step guide to smoothly
and efficiently move your formal
meetings online.

Préparer une présentation que captivera votre auditoire et valorisera votre réunion

Exercices pratiques et conseils
professionnels pour vous aider à
préparer votre prochaine présentation
devant un conseil d’administration,
votre équipe, un client potentiel ou un
groupe industriel.

Montrez vous sous votre meilleur angle lors d’un entretien d’embauche

Exercices pratiques et conseils
professionnels pour préparer votre
entretien d’embauche à travers
la préparation, la pratique et la

Quick Tips

Get Ready to Rock It

Your Presentation Warm-Up Routine.

How to Practice Your Presentation

Ensure your precious practice time is effective.

Control the Fear

8 tips to get those butterflies flying in formation.


Vocal warm up routine for speakers

A quick tip to ensure your camera is correctly set up for an online meeting or video call.

How to present effectively on camera when you are recording a digital program.
With Niamh Dee.

Simple tricks that will improve your slide deck presentations.

Subtitles / closed captions in your Powerpoint slides. Yes, it’s possible and VERY simple!

Interviewing skills. With Isabelle Litzler.

Ground yourself when you speak, by standing strong and purposefully

Say your name like you mean it!

Job interviews – remember who you’re speaking to and what THEY need

Um, er, ah, you know….be gone distracting “filler words”!