Spotlight Training

Do you need help preparing for an upcoming presentation at a conference or an  important meeting? Are you preparing for an important job interview? Having an external eye (and ear) and practical advice through one to three training sessions will transform your presentation from good to great.

We will cover the structure of your speech, who your audience is and what they need, your opening and closing, your use of the space, how you use your voice and your body, and many other subjects. You will be given concrete ways to improve your presentation and ample opportunities to practice and have live, constructive feedback.

Ensure your message has maximum impact and present with more confidence.

This training can be done face-to-face if you are based in the Suisse Romande area, or on an online platform wherever you are in the world, which you can book immediately.

Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Schedule and book a one-hour presentation coaching session now.